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Easter Cards for Everyone

Easter Cards Collection :- Every year the fest of Easter touches the heart of every individual with a great term to remember Jesus Christ for his sacrifice and dedication. If you have prepared yourself to celebrate Easter this year with great enthusiasm then Easter cards are great medium to enhance the joy and happiness.
Easter is known to be one the oldest and religious festival of Christian community. It is celebrated in memory of Christ’s rebirth after he was hanged to cross to death. It is a saying that Jesus got alive just after the three days of his hanging on the cross.
Easter cards available in market show different bible quotes as well as several images, showing the cross symbols and the pains suffered by Christ. The Easter starts up from 21 March and goes for forty days with its end on 25 April.
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Easter Cards Collection 2016


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The major attraction on this festival day are eggs and bunnies that are coloured in several patterns along with several crafts, Easter cards, flowers, cross and images of Christ. Various shows of music and dance are performed with several prayers in church.
Today every orthodox, catholic and protestant church celebrates this festival with great zeal. Pan and plum cakes are the key ingredients used in celebrating this festival. Most of the hotels and restaurants also offer varieties of dishes, desserts and drinks to the individuals on this day. Overall this day is a public holiday in most regions of American and European subcontinents.
The best moment of the celebration day would be to represent your dear ones with beautiful Easter cards. This would be the great respect and dedication of yours towards the Christ sacrifice and efforts strongly. Don’t miss out the chance and be the part of celebration to make these moments memorable one for lifetime.

Happy Easter Everyone.

History of Easter eggs 2016

History of Easter eggs:- Easter is the festival of Christians, celebrated with great passion in memory of Jesus Christ. It is celebrated for the resurrection of Christ after three days of his crucifixion.  It is all associated to the sacrifice given by Christ and his allegiance to save the world from evil powers.
 The Celebration of Easter last for forty days with fasting and special prayer in church. In celebrating Easter Eggs are the most important sections included in every single of celebration for making different varieties of plum and pan cakes.

Easter Eggs

The history of Easter eggs.
The history of the Easter eggs

The holy week of Easter 2016 starts with a palm Sunday just before the actual day of celebration, if the final celebration comes after Wednesday then it is mainly known as spy Wednesday. Church performs several cultural and religious ceremonies to make the final preparation of the celebrations.
Today entire eastern and orthodox churches celebrate this day with great enthusiasm. You cannot ignore Easter Eggs  on this day to have a great enjoyment of some superb delicates. This day is gazetted holiday in all parts of the world where Christian religion has great population.
The Americans follow the cultural tradition of Easter Eggs where they carry boiled and colored eggs and president also joins for Easter eggs rolling with different communities of children’s.
Easter day is mainly celebrated after the closure of Good Friday celebration. You may avail different pattern of gift cards, enjoy grand party celebrations in hotels and restaurants along with different drinks and meals enjoyment.

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Never miss out a chance if you get it to enjoy with colleagues and friends. This is a great day to purify your soul and enjoy some inspiring moments of the lifetime. It’s all about a hard sacrifice that has no substitutes at all.

Happy Easter 2016 Wishes For All

Easter day is the most sacred and religious fest among the Christian communities all over the world. Jesus Christ was hanged to cross and after that he came into existence after passage of three days of his death. This marked the celebration of Easter day celebration among the Christian communities.

Individuals all over the world celebrate this day with different musical performances, dance shows, flowers, candlelight, church bells and Easter Wishes. This day is known to be a public holiday, which is celebrated just after the full moon day from 21 March to 25 April.

Easter Wishes term out to be the most important drives of the individuals, as everyone wishes to lead a cheerful and prosperous lifestyle. They pay a great tribute to Jesus Christ for all his sacrifice and justice. Most of the villages also showcase different drama episodes related to Easter on this day.

This day is a non working day to celebrate where different delicates and drinks are the limelight of the fest.Easter Wishes get fulfilled only when you enjoy these great tastes every time.

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Easter Wishes 2016

Easter 2016 Wishes

1. Easter says    you can put    truth in a grave,    but it won't stay there.

2. May Lord bless you on    this auspicious day of Easter,    and May it be a new beginning    of greater prosperity,    success and happiness.    Wish you a Happy Easter

3. Let every man and woman count himself immortal.    Let him catch the revelation of Jesus in his resurrection.    Let him say not merely, "Christ is risen," but "I shall rise." - Phillips Brooks

4. Let this Easter be filled with memories of the sacrifices of Jesus Let his sacrifices not be wasted.

5. Easter gives hope for a better tomorrow. Hope you find your future wishes come true.

6. Many persons love you,  Many people like you,     But there is only one who DIED for you..     That is Jesus Christ...     Wish you a blessed "Happy Easter"

7. The lord came to the earth with a life to give, so that each one of us may continue to live.


9. O the Easter bells are gladly ringing,     Let the whole world join da happy lay,     Let the hills & vales break forth in singing,     Christ, the Lord of Life, is ris'n today. Happy Easter season.

Easter eggs and bunny are the chief symbol on this festive day which resembles a fertility symbol. Some other included symbols are lighting candles at church places, cross, image of Christ, rising sun of spring and so on.

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It is also a saying that more than 90 million Easter bunnies are prepared every year during the Easter celebration. The 40 days celebration is a special moment for churches, where individuals make a visit with fasting and several prayers to perform for getting best Easter Wishes.

The Christ’s sacrifice went on to a great boost for the saving of humanity and Christianity. He only insisted on to live in peace and love humans, which seems like getting distracted today. We need to follow his measures and bible quote to remain as a human being

The History of The Easter Bunny

The History of The Easter Bunny
The History of The Easter Bunny

Easter is a joyous event that is celebrated every year by Christians worldwide. It acknowledges the rebirth of hope, happiness and care. This is because it symbolizes the resurrection of Jesus Christ thereby emanating a religious stronghold belief in Christians. Moreover, Easter occurs during spring mainly on the Sunday that follows the appearance of the first full moon. Spring is ecstatic to most individuals since it brightens up the gloomy effect of winter. The environment turns green as trees grow buds, flowers blossom, and Easter bunny comes to life as the joyous celebration draws near. The atmosphere is engulfed with crisp clean air filled with the enticing flower fragrance and sweet food aroma from all the Easter cooking. The chortling sound of church bells, smooth voices of the choir and the buzzing of bees further compliments the season.
So here is the detailed history of the Easter bunny
Just like Christmas most children also anticipate for the Easter holidays. They yearn for the Easter games, gifts, music, films and other Easter related activities. Since time immemorial, most of the Easter activities usually revolve around the Easter bunny. This is because the bunny represents an earthly symbol for the existence of Eostre, the Anglo-Saxon goddess. In the ancient times, it was believed that the spring time goddess, Eostre, was the sole provider of fertility. Without her the environment would be stuck with the aftereffects of the cold winter season. Spring time and the rebirth of all of nature would cease to exist.
The rabbit was Eostre’s favorite animal, thus it was her pet. This is because she considered rabbits to be a sacred symbol of fertility. Rabbits usually give birth to groups of litters at a time, which is why they are considered to be so fertile. Moreover, they are prolific breeders in that they can conceive a second group of litters before giving birth to the first group of litters. Furthermore, rabbits have the capability of giving birth to a group of litters more than once in a year thus their profound use during Easter as a sign of fertility and mark the rebirth of nature. However, currently the rabbit is used to represent the Easter bunny since the two animals have similar features and traits.
Children are made to believe that if they are well-behaved throughout the year they will be visited by the Easter bunny and receive a parcel of a colored basket of eggs among other gifts. It is therefore, a common habit to see children build nests at secluded locations in their homes. These so called nests are also referred to as Easter baskets. The use of the Easter bunny to represent the Easter holiday was formulated in the 1500s by Germans. The idea of preparing edible bunnies also originated from Germany where the first Easter rabbit was made using sugar and pastry. The Americans adopted the use of the bunny in their Easter folklore from the German settlers that migrated to their country in the 1700s. Today, the use of the Easter bunny dominates the market during Easter. Stores all over are filled with bunny shaped toys, chocolate, cakes and sweets.

Easter 2016 Time and date

Easter marks the epic of the Christian calendar. It is considered to be the greatest amongst all the religious festivals. However, some individuals seem to differ and consider Christmas to be the greatest festival in their calendar. Christmas is also important as it marks the birth of Christ, and on the other hand Easter represents the resurrection of Christ. Christians believe that Christ died and rose up on the third day. Therefore, they commemorate Easter three days after the Maundy Thursday. Usually, it is on a Sunday since the crucifixion of Jesus occurred on Good Friday that is two days to Easter Sunday. Easter is normally not fixed to a definite date as it depends on various factors. Therefore every year Easter is commemorated on a different date. So, when will Easter 2016 be?
easter rabbit
Easter bunny
Mostly, Easter Sunday occurs between March 22nd and April 25th. This is because it is celebrated on a Sunday that immediately follows equinox also referred to as the paschal moon to denote Easter. On the onset of every spring the first full moon appears. There is a range in the date because the appearance of the full moon does not occur on a specific day. It may appear between March 20th and April 18th. This fact enabled scientists and astronomers to approximate and draft a historical table showing future dates for the appearance of the full moon. Conversely, Christians use the same fact as a standard for determining Easter Day. In 1583 AD Christians formulated a permanent Ecclesiastical table comprising future full moon dates. Since then this table has been used to predict the future dates of Easter Sunday. So, when will Easter 2016 be?
The date of Easter Sunday also depends on the churches celebrating it. Globally, there are two classes of Christians; the Western and Eastern. The two commemorate Easter on different dates. The Eastern Churches commemorate Easter weeks after the Western Churches are done with their celebrations. This is because the Eastern churches use the Julian calendar to determine Easter Day whereas the Western Churches use the Gregorian calendar to predict Easter Sunday date. The Julian calendar was predicted and drafted by Julius Caesar. He took the obligation of redrafting the Roman calendar as the dates were haphazardly set. They were not in synch with the rotation and revolution of the earth. Moreover, the Roman politicians used the calendar to satisfy their own selfish gains thus unnecessarily added extra days and months.
Although Caesar’s aim was to be as accurate as possible, his timing was slow. This caused Easter to occur days earlier than the speculated period. As a result, Pope Gregory the XIII with the help of astronomers revised Caesar’s calendar to formulate a more accurate calendar that is today known as the Gregorian calendar. This was also made the official calendar which is also currently observed by the majority. However, to date Easter date raises a plethora of complications and arguments as individuals try to trace back the exact date that Jesus resurrected. Therefore, when will Easter 2011 be? According to the above facts the Western churches will celebrate Easter on 27th March, 2016.

Favorite Easter 2016 Games for Children Party

Easter Games for Children Party:- The holy and sacred festival of Easter is associated to Jesus Christ, who was hanged over to cross and later got a rebirth. The day he came back to world after his death is celebrated as Easter day, Marked with a public holiday, and great Easter Games to enjoy all over the world.
Most of the Christian communities and churches make a special arrangement of the celebrations. It is celebrated with different prayer schedules, meals, drinks and Easter Games. The Easter name is derived from the Greek term named as Ostern which was previously pronounced by the Christians.
If you're planning to hold an Easter party for children, it's important to have a few games to keep them entertained along with the usual Easter goodies like chocolate and sugar treats. There are a number of Easter-themed games you could include in your Easter children's party and this article has rounded up some really fun ones that are likely to be a big hit.
Generally it is celebrated for about 40 days, from 21 March to 25 April after the occurrence of full moon day through pattern of Georgian calendar. The standard part of this celebration day includes Easter eggs, basket full of candy, bunnies with different musical and dance performances.

Easter Games

Easter games 2016

1. Easter Egg Bowling
2. Egg Toss
3. Pass the Easter Egg
4. How Many Eggs
5. What's in the Easter basket?
6. Easter Memory
7. Straw and Easter Cup Relay
8. Egg and Spoon Race
9. Walk the Egg
10. Pin the Tail on the Easter Bunny

If you are missing a chance to enjoy the desserts and drinks on this day then you have missed a great opportunity of enjoyment. All kids and young personalities appear in different costumes to celebrate this day, which gets started with the different prayers in the churches of the world. Easter Games ideas mostly includes egg games that are discovered out by the kids from hidden areas.

The day and date of Easter celebration only starts with passage of full moon day, and is only celebrated on Sunday. It is all dedicated and tribute to Lord Christ who worked for bringing the Christianity on top of the world by saving it from evil powers.
The celebration day would hit soon and it’s another opportunity to celebrate some great passionate Easter Games along with the enjoyment of some awesome delicates. Makeover your spirit and soul refined and pay a great tribute to Jesus Christ for his sacrifice.