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Sunday, January 17, 2016

Easter bunny 2016: Celebrate it with Joy

Easter Bunny
Easter Bunny

Easter day is religious and oldest of celebrations among the Christians community today. Easter is derived from the Greek term; “Eostre” resembling the goddess of fertility and spring. The day is celebrated in loving memory of Jesus Christ who was brought back to life by the natural powers after the day of his crucification. The chief symbol of this festival includes Easter Bunny that is generally associated with kids and rabbits.
Easter Bunny remains to be the chief symbol among the Christian community today. Bunny is generally a rabbit and it is a saying that Easter Bunny lays eggs on fest Sunday. These laid eggs are hidden by the parents of every household and are left to be searched out by their children’s.
Among these Easter Bunny there are various other limelight’s of the celebration day such music shows, dance shows, prayers, singing, and traditional rituals. The fest day begins with the traditional prayer held in all different categories of church across the world. Special dishes such as Desserts, cakes, sausages and drinks remain to be the main focus of the celebration. Entire restaurants and hotels across Europe’s and American countries present such serving to their customers.
The fest day is generally celebrated for about forty days with fasting by individuals. Every day all visits to church are for prayers and to memorize Jesus for his sacrifice and dedication. During 17th century the tradition of Easter Bunny started, where family members used to prepare special nests for their kids. It is saying that the best design and colour of nest brings out coloured eggs.
This festival is not just limited for kids only as young personalities also celebrate this day with great pride and enthusiasm. If you haven’t been a part of such great activities then start it today and feel the lifetime experience.


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