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Sunday, January 17, 2016

Easter Songs 2016 For Kids Church Worship With Lyrics

After Christmas, the most awaited special day that every Christian in the world waits for is Easter. Although the Easter day is not celebrated on a particular date, but the day always remains as a Sunday. During this auspicious day, every Christian come up with their Easter songs and celebrates this day in a very cheerful day. Like we know, Easter Sunday is celebrated as the resurrection of Lord Jesus. 

Easter songs for kids church worship with lyrics
Easter songs for kids church worship with lyrics
Like we all know that Easter is a day which reminds us how Lord Jesus restored the faith people have in him by paying the fine for sin made by others. If you search the world of internet, there are plenty of beautiful songs related to Easter, and you can even download them as mp3 format or in plain text and add your own music to them. So, don’t take time thinking about the lyrics, just find them online.

Easter Songs For Kids With Lyrics

All in an Easter Garden
All in an Easter garden,
Before the break of day,
An angel came from heaven
And rolled the stone away.
When Jesus’ friends came seeking,
With myrrh and spices rare,
They found the angels at the door,
But Jesus was not there.
All in an Easter garden,
Where water lilies bloom,
The angels gave their message
Beside an empty tomb:
“The Lord is here no longer,
Come, see where once he lay;
The Lord of life is risen indeed,
For this is Easter day.”

Dear Old Easter Bunny
Dear old Easter Bunny,
Hopping here and there,
Spreading Easter joy around
As you hop everywhere.
Dear old Easter Bunny
Please hop over here,
I’ve been waiting patiently
To see you since last year!

Easter Songs For Kids Church

1. Glorious Day (Living He Loved Me) – Casting Crowns
2. Christ Is Risen – Matt Maher
3. I Serve a Risen Savior – Ackley
4. I Know that My Redeemer Lives – Nicole Mullen
5. Christ the Lord Has Risen Today – Wesley
6. See What a Morning – Stuart Townend

Easter Worship Songs For 2016

You Are There :

Lord, when I face the darkness,
I know you walk with me
Your face is what I seek
In the midst of the turmoil
I can know your peace
In my soul, ‘cause I know…


You are there
When I call your name
In my deepest darkness,
You came
You are there
When I reach for you
Through my desperation,
I hold on to you,
You are there.

(Repeat chorus)


Your Grace : 
Lord I run to you
When I feel afraid
And you cover me
In your hiding place
For there I find your grace

Lord I seek your face
When I lose my way
And you reach to me
And guide me to the place
Where I can find your grace

You have shown me your love
You have raised me from the depth
Of the darkness I was in
When I was dying in my sin
You have shown me your grace
You have washed my sins away
And restore the hope I lost
When I come back to the Cross

Lord I know your hand
Is able to raise
And hold me firmly
Safe in your embrace
For there I find your grace

repeat chorus


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